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в Ozon.ru (Книги)
название: Dreams
каталог: Бытовые оздоровительные товары и портативные оздоровительные приборы
магазин: Ozon.ru (Книги)
цена: 2579 руб

The photographerimmediately thought of his beloved garments and the rest is history: Anthropologie has now produced his collection on a commercial scale to be launched at New York Fashion Week in spring 2012 and sold exclusively in their stores. Six years ago in rural France Koto Bolofo discovered a treasure trove of vintage linen sheets - some from hospitals and convents, others from the homes of peasants and aristocrats. Since then Bolofo began photographing for the renowned women's fashion and homeware brand Anthropologie, and in 2010 the company asked Bolofo if he had a personal project he might like to develop with them. The resulting creations were simple and sophisticated like the photos Bolofo then made of them; but the idea stopped there, and the clothes were packed away for safekeeping in a trunk. For Bolofo, the sheets embodied the dreams and forgotten histories of those who had once slept in them, and he was inspired to transform these materials into unique handmade garments. Who says dreams don't come true.

КУПИТЬ Dreams онлайн за 2579р в магазине Ozon.ru (Книги)

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